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Finding information on Cameroonian companies and professionals is a real obstacle course. However rich of its legendary diversity, Cameroon has a varied number of potentials which only seek to be known.

In the air of globalization and the sharing of information via the new means of communication, we found and consider useful that it was our responsibility to bring a PRACTICAL, RELIABLE and RAPID solution to our fellow citizens to try to remedy this problem which undermines our society and which carries a Great blow to the Cameroonian economy which is lagging behind in certain fields compared to the rest of the World.

It is from this observation that was born the idea of a platform bringing together all the Companies and Professionals of Cameroon who wish to be known through a brief description of their profession in a classification in the form of advertisement.

CAMERPRO is the solution.

CAMERPRO offers a simple, reliable, fast and efficient environment within everyone's reach.

On CAMERPRO search it is found.

This tool is at the disposal of all those who wish to be known and to make part of our community, because of its diversity and its ambitions, CAMERPRO is the ideal environment to be known quickly on the National territory and International.

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